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Natural Care Solution - Health Nut Rx More than a Health Food Store

We use numerous functional clinical tests, evaluations and screenings to help you feel better, improve your health and guide your use of health food, vitamins, minerals, herbs, food, lifestyle, and self care.

The following is a partial list of conditions and/or diseases in which we can help you integrate Funtional Tests, Natural Care, Health Food, Dietary Supplements, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Diet, Lifestyle, Natural Products, Natural Evaluations, and Natural Self Care into your overall health treatment plan.

Acne   Constipation   Pain
ADHD / ADD    Depression   Parkinson's Disease
Allergies   Diabetes   PMS
Alzheimer’s Disease   Diarrhea   Prostate Problems
Anemia   Dizziness   Smoking
Anxiety   Fatigue   Stress
Arthritis   Flu / Cold   Toxins
Asthma   Heart Disease   Ulcers
Autism Spectrum Disorder   Insomnia   Urinary Infection
Bruises   Itching   Varicose Veins
Burns   Menopause  Weight Management 
Blood Pressure   Osteoarthritis    ... don't see your health
Cancer   Osteoporosis   problem listed?
Cardiovascular Disease Call 405.751.3333

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Goals for Natural CareGoals for Natural Care

  • Decide if your health condition and/or disease is treatable with health food, dietary supplements, natural products, vitamins, minerals, herbs and self care. 
  • Choose the appropriate supplements and products for your condition, medications and treatment plan. 
  • Monitor and evaluate the response to therapy and avoid side effects from dietary supplements. 

Professional Relationships: Natural Care Oklahoma CityProfessional Relationships

Dietary supplements (vitamins, minerals and herbs) and natural products can complement your doctor’s care. We work with health care providers to improve the outcome of your therapy and reduce overall health costs Natural Care is not a substitute for medical care. Only your doctor can diagnose and treat a condition or disease. I recommend that individuals who have a health condition or disease regularly visit their doctor to obtain care that only doctors can provide.


Natural Care Consultations are intended to improve the use of bio-identical hormones, natural products, vitamins, minerals, herbs, prescription,
non-prescription medicine and products, non-drug approaches to self-care, genetic testing and/or referral to other health providers.

 Our Natural Care is customized to your specific needs.

Natural Care Consultations typically include:

Natural Care Solution: Health History is part of our evaluation.Health History
A health and medication history is obtained to guide the choice of appropriate dietary supplements, natural products, and self care treatments.        

Natural Care Solution: Research based recommendations to improve your heatlh.Natural Care Selection
We provide information on the best source of targeted vitamins, minerals and herbs. We review medical reference books, computer and Internet databases, medical and research journals, functional medicine conferences and manufacturer information to assist you in deciding on the appropriate products and services.

Natural Care Solution: Eduction improves your use of natural products to improve your health.Education
We discuss appropriate use of your dietary supplements, natural products, vitamin, minerals, herbs, bio-identical hormones and self care treatments. We provide written guidelines and treatment plans for you and your doctor.

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Additonal Website Resources and Services:

Natural Cancer Reports
Integrating lifestyle and dietary changes, natural products, dietary supplements including vitamins, minerals and herbs may have a dramatic, positive impact on cancer if used appropriately. I provide information and summaries from published health research showing the effects of natural approaches on cancer.

NuMedica Online Store
Browse and order vitamins, minerals and herbs from our NuMedica Catalog. Read the latest health news, online assessments and literature.

Xymogen Online Store
Browse and order vitamins, minerals and herbs from our Xymogen Catalog.


FREE Breast Cancer Prevention Report

Stay up to date on natural research and product information. Natural Care Solution

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